Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to Work with a Business Suit

During the work week we have to dress nice in order to look professional.  Nobody said that we couldn't still have a sexy appeal while looking professional.  This business suit is sure to catch all the right attention!
 Black women cropped jacket by miadressshop
 Business casual square top by dianaandre
Pin Stripe Pencil Skirt by EleventeenApparel
Black Pumps with White Venise Lace by LaPlumeEthere
 Long Necklace by nutraj
Pink green glass earrings, Sterling silver by JewelrybyDorothy

A simple black and white business suit deserves to be accented by a pop of color.  Here I have chosen fuchsia pink and lime green. These bright colors will attract attention to you without taking away from your professionalism.